What is Oregon Discrimination?

According to the Portland, Oregon discrimination lawyer, discrimination in PDX is when a worker is treated differently in the terms and conditions of employment because of a protected class, such as sex, race, religion, disability, national origin, age or veteran status.  Oregon discrimination also includes other protected classes including, but not limited to, whether a worker filed a workers’ compensation claim or blew the whistle on unlawful conduct.  There are other protected classes too, and if you believe you were discriminated against, you should contact an experienced law firm like the Bullman Law Firm, 1-503-987-0000, to go through your rights and protections with a discrimination lawyer.

Discrimination can include, but is not limited to:
(1) termination;
(2) discipline;
(3) suspension;
(4) demotion;
(5) unfair pay;
(6) job title or assignment; and
(7) other terms and conditions of employment.

Each case is different. Discrimination can include other unfair treatment too. Because of this, if you believe you have been mistreated you should reach out to a Portland discrimination lawyer.

Claims of discrimination must be investigated by a trained investigator. Before an investigation takes place, a Portland discrimination lawyer will meet with you, gather the facts, available documents and witnesses so the lawyer can investigate from there.

Because an investigation can turn up additional new information, often additional wrongdoing is discovered which can then also be investigated in a PDX case.

In addition to calling, you can also reach a Portland discrimination lawyer through the Bullman Law Firm, Attorney For Workers website.

Please remember the choice of a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based solely upon advertisements.

This is provided as a guide only, and not legal advice. Because of this, it is important you contact a Portland discrimination lawyer.

Feel free to click around this website to learn about discrimination, who is responsible, how to report it, how to stop it and taking legal action.

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